Must Have Peripherals and Features for Your Kiosk

In every walk of life, there are numerous amounts of must- have gadgets just waiting to be purchased and flaunted for all they’re worth and it is no different for kiosks. A standard kiosk is a step in the right direction for most businesses but the unit in itself is unlikely to attract as much attention as an ‘all singing, all dancing’ model that’s been kitted out with the latest tech.

Here’s a rundown of the must- have peripherals for your kiosk in 2016:

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Thermal Printer
Maybe not the peak of technology but how else will you print tickets, receipts etc…? A definite must- have for all kiosks to provide evidence of transactions and produce end of day, hard copy reports.

Anti-Vandalism KeyPad
Everyone has encountered a graffiti-laden keyboard or a pin pad with the numbers scrubbed off thanks to years of grubby fingers rubbing all over them. But not anymore! Protect your brand image with anti-vandalism keyboards.

Barcode Scanner
This one is fairly self- explanatory. You might be forgiven for thinking that the only place for a barcode scanner might be a self service kiosk but companies across the globe use QR codes as links to all sorts of websites and functions – if your kiosk is activated via a loyalty card, for example, the barcode reader provides a quick way for users to log in to an account – simple!

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Not enormous, 10,000 watt PA speakers – that would be preposterous! Just a standard set of integrated speakers that will allow your kiosk to have a voice. Not only key for partially sighted users, it is also useful to have a voice option for those who may need help exploring the kiosk’s functions.

Card Payment Module
This should be an integral part of any kiosk that handles financial transactions. We live in an age where people rarely use cash, except when they absolutely have to, and it may even be time to make contactless modules uniform – just in case a millennial wants to pay with their watch rather than take their card out of their purse/wallet!

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Why, you might ask, would a kiosk require a webcam? The answer is simple; we live in the age of the selfie and people take photographs of themselves doing everything and anything. Alternatively, it could be used for ID purposes or to take photographs for a travel pass or ID badge.

Headphone Jack
As essential as speakers are for the partially sighted and hard of hearing, some users may need to hear instructions through isolated headphones in busy, crowded areas. Also, it gives those pesky millennials a chance to show off their ludicrously expensive headphones even when using a kiosk!

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Coin and Note Acceptors
Some customers still rely on physical currency to carry out financial transactions and it is essential your kiosk incorporates this functionality. It would be worthwhile looking for acceptors that cannot be deceived as there are those out there who would attempt to confound the machine for their own gain; you have been warned!

Security Cameras
Not necessarily a peripheral to be integrated to the kiosk; more to observe it and ensure its security. Some kiosks contain a lot of money or expensive products and will be targeted by thieves and vandals – there’s no harm in protecting your property but ensure you have permission to monitor the machine; don’t install cameras at the drop of a hat!



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