Metrobus iPoints: The Journey to Cashless Travel Brochure

As a market leaders in the design, development and supply of payment systems, in 2018 Cammax teamed up with Bristol City Council as the local authority looked to implement a package of transport infrastructure improvements in the West of England. These improvements were designed to support sustainable economic growth, reduce carbon emissions, promote accessibility and improve transport links to parts of the region that are poorly served by existing public transport links.

In addition, it was hoped that Metrobus would resolve long standing issues associated with congestion, services running late, customer satisfaction and overall safety.

The project requirement for Cammax was to design, build, install, commission and maintain 80 bespoke Ticket Vending Machines (TVM’s) at Metrobus stops throughout the region. As well as selling paper and smart tickets, the ticket machines, known as iPoints, also required integrated journey planning, Real Time Information with RNIB REACT3 functionality and an emergency help button / intercom offering an immediate connection to the council’s Emergency Control Centre.

Since launch Metrobus has carried over 4 million passengers and there have been over 700,000 individual transactions made via the iPoints. All Metrobus services have been extremely well received by the travelling public and a recent survey revealed that more than 80% of customers using the service would recommend it to a relative or a friend.

To celebrate the continued success of Metrobus services and the Cammax iPoints we’ve put together this handy brochure that details everything you need to know about our work with Bristol City Council. From project requirements through to installation and performance, navigate through our case study brochure by clicking the arrows on the PDF below, or download the PDF.

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