Maximizing Kiosk Uptime

A kiosk on downtime provides no value to your business so maximising the time your unit is up and running for is essential. To help ensure you get maximum return on your investment we’ve put together this handy little guide for maximising kiosk uptime.

Steps Towards Maximising Uptime

  • Invest solely in quality components that will reduce the need for replacements over time; substandard kiosks loaded with unreliable peripherals will only cost you more in the long run
  • Suitability- always purchase a kiosk that reflects the needs of your business. If you require a heavy- duty unit that needs to stand up to the elements then don’t opt for an indoor unit or tablet
  • Maintenance– For general advice on how to keep your kiosk in tip top shape you can check out this article we put together. Please always ensure however that you are covered if anything goes wrong.

Here at Cammax all of our products are supplied with a return to base 12 months manufacturer’s warranty. An extended Service Level Agreement will also provide support including:

  • 5 or 7 day SLA excluding bank holidays
  • Next day engineer on site
  • Telephone helpdesk
  • All parts and labour
  • Fault and visit reporting
  • Don’t ignore– never ignore warning messages or messages that indicate consumables are running low such as ink or paper

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Getting a Fast Fix

  • Always read the SLA before you commit to purchasing a kiosk and find out how quickly problems can generally be resolved
  • Assess the situation as quickly as possible by using a troubleshooter; if this produces no information, contact the manufacturer
  • Utilise companies who offer remote diagnostic services. Checking the kiosk via the internet is the fastest way to scan and potentially repair problems

Remote Fixes

Understanding remote fixes is very important to maintaining your kiosk. In brief, a remote fix is a repair that can be carried out without the need to attend the machine itself. Generally speaking, these fixes refer to software, as damaged hardware may need more investigation and/or replacing.

Diagnosticians can remotely scan the kiosk with the aim of identifying the fault from a different location and a technician can then be deployed if required.

Physical Fixes

Often physical fixes refer to more serious issues with hardware rather than software. Attending the machine is essential to carry out a physical fix and should always be carried out by a qualified technician who can assess and correct the situation.

Examining the machine itself is sometimes the only way to identify an issue so this eventuality must be accounted for if you want to get the most from your kiosk; allocating time and budget for repairs could be required if the issues can’t be fixed under warranty or any other extended service level agreement.


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