Kiosks in the Casino Industry

Visit any high-street bookmaker or casino and chances are you’ll encounter a touchscreen kiosk of some sort; they bring an engaging experience to customers whilst saving your business time and money. Here at Cammax we have worked with some of the biggest names in the casino industry and we have a real grasp of the experience you would like to deliver to your customers. That’s why we’ve decided to share our expertise and give you an idea of how touchscreens and kiosks can be applied to help your casino business grow:

Showcase New Apps/Games

If there’s a new application or game coming soon to the casino, or already available, it is certainly worthwhile offering customers the chance to play a demo version of the game on a tablet kiosk. It is best to offer them a free-play mode as they’re unlikely to part with their chips for a trial run on a game but it can generate a lot of interest in the new product.

Display Marketing Material

Where best to advertise than in the casino itself? This practice has been common for years with posters and in game advertising but if you could attract the interest of a customer with an audio-visual advert displayed on your kiosk and you might just notice the number of players or purchasers of the game or product in question increases rapidly.


Accurate Data Capture & Loyalty

Transcribing survey information and feedback forms can be tiresome and allow clerical errors to slip in that will distort the information captured. To ensure 100% accurate information, a tablet kiosk can be set up as a survey point that automatically collates and transfers the data without the need for human interaction.

Casinos across the country also run numerous loyalty schemes and once again that’s where kiosks can step in and help.

For example, The Gala Fortune Loyalty points system is an integral part of the customer experience for global brand Gala. One of the main issues for the customers is the ability to easily check their Fortune Loyalty points balance so in order to facilitate this, Gala worked with us to deploy Cammax ClearTouch units as the method to enable customers to check their balance. The ClearTouch kiosks proved to be a huge success and the aesthetically pleasing touch screen kiosk was designed to reflect the high-end Gala Fortune brand.

Printing Winning Tickets and Receipts

By combining the tablet kiosk with a Point of Sale function; you can use the kiosk to process winning tickets and print receipts for the user to free up staff members. Technology has advanced to the point that your kiosk could even process financial transfers for customers to allow them to cash in their winnings and directly deposit them to their bank.

Attract Attention

Customers are becoming progressively more interested in using touchscreen kiosks for a number of functions and it is worth capitalising on this mass interest for your casino/gaming business. You can reduce queueing time exponentially by using kiosks instead of human staff members to handle some processes – and bring that costly wage bill down while you’re at it!



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