Is a wall mounted kiosk right for your retail business?

Kiosks are an excellent addition to most retail businesses; they speed up queuing times, give customers more control, contribute towards an omnichannel experience and capture customer data to help inform targeted campaigns.

The question isn’t should you get a kiosk, it is what kind of kiosk should you get. The main options include tablet, self-standing, and wall mounted. In this article we will focus on the benefits of opting for a wall mounted kiosk.

Advertising products

Unlike e-commerce businesses, there isn’t an easy way for customers to browse categories of products in brick and mortar stores. This can lead to loss of sales where customers don’t have the time or patience to look through stock. Having a wall mounted kiosk is the perfect opportunity to display and advertise products available in store; customers can then enquire about these items, or software can even be installed to allow customers to request items from the stockroom, rather than needing to find a member of staff, and even pay for items at the kiosk point.

Increase online sales

When an item is out of stock, retailers have to rely on the customer going home and ordering online to get that sale. Any impulse purchase will immediately be lost in this process, and it is likely the customer may find another brand alternative to buy instead. Having a kiosk which is connected to the online store means customers can be redirected to buy their purchase online while still in store; this helps prevent a loss of sales and may even encourage users to spend more as they have access to a larger range of products.

Utilising wall space

The biggest advantage of wall mounted kiosks over other types is that they are extremely space efficient, as they utilise walls which would otherwise be unusable, and don’t take up floor space which is better spent on holding stock or even just providing space for customer traffic. Having an entire wall space also means you can pick and choose what height you place the kiosk; eye level is great for catching customer attention.


Wall mounted kiosks can be installed so that there are no visible cables or wires, creating a clean and tidy look which is much more aesthetically pleasing than free standing kiosks. They are also less bulky, and can be made to reflect your stores values (e.g.minimalist).


Because wall mounted kiosks are not at risk of being walked into and damaged, they are highly durable and last a long time without accumulating damage. Space saving solutions such as tablets do not offer this benefit.

Choosing a wall mounted kiosk gives all the benefits of kiosks, but without needing to worry about using up too much space. They can also be made to look much more discreet than free standing kiosks, making them an attractive option while still having excellent durability.


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