Interactive Kiosks: Enhancing The Retail Sector

Since the emergence of retail kiosks in the 90’s, we have seen significant growth in kiosks used in a vast amount of retail environments. Consumers have become expectant of a positive multi-channel shopping experience, due to the abundance of self-service applications. Furthermore, retailers are seizing the opportunity to deploy in- store applications to maximise services, gain customer loyalty and boost sales.

In-store experience

Recent research reveals that 85% of consumers desire access to digital content in-store. With a retail kiosk in place, consumers are able to take control in their buying decisions and at the point of purchase. Shoppers desire short queues, reduced waiting times and a speedier service. Kiosks make processes faster and more efficient, enhancing the in-store experience.


Touch screen applications are making it possible for customers to browse a full product range in-store and purchase items at their leisure. Online shopping has become a worldwide phenomenon in recent years, giving consumers another outlet to meet their buying needs. Consequently, people are becoming more familiar with user interfaces to make purchases. Bringing this novelty in-store with a kiosk is a beneficial move for both customers and businesses.

Customer loyalty

With self-service kiosks improving the customer experience, the customers are happier and as a result become more loyal to the retailer. Some retailers are utilising kiosks to encourage customers to sign up to their loyalty scheme and to offer members exclusive deals.

Summary of benefits

  • Integrate cash and card payment
  • Accelerate processes
  • Instant access to product range
  • Advance customer service
  • Improve in-store experience
  • Gain customer loyalty
  • Display promotions and offers
  • Acquire feedback

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