Indoor Kiosks vs Outdoor Kiosks: The Benefits

Indoor and outdoor kiosks each come with a plethora of benefits for both customers and businesses but choosing which option is best for your business can be tricky endeavour; whilst one may seem like the more obvious option, delving into their pros and cons may suggest otherwise.

Before you make your decision, it’s worth researching the merits of both and you should place careful consideration into your final decision if you really want to maximise the potential kiosks have to offer.

Outdoor kiosks

Outdoor kiosks are popular for many reasons and they can solve a number of common business problems. These units are often utilized as information stations at various sporting events, higher education institutions and retail environments, allowing users to print material, browse information and get directions.

Owing to technological advancements in recent years, outdoor kiosks are now able to handle more complex tasks which has led to the introduction of outdoor SMART ticketing kiosks. These kiosks offer contactless payment solutions that enable customers to purchase tickets with ease- increasing customer satisfaction and improving the overall experience offered by businesses, particularly those in the parking and transport sectors.

Waste reduction and cost savings are amongst the biggest benefits offered by outdoor kiosks but they also tend to boast a faster display rate allowing users to absorb more of the content shown at a faster rate. Often, this results in increased targeted delivery of information meaning that outdoor kiosks can be perfect for generating advertising revenue.

In practical terms, if kiosks are placed outside then they have to be durable which is why you should always purchase units from a reputable manufacturer. At Cammax, all our kiosks are built with durable hardware that protects components against the elements whether it be dust, rain or snow. Anti-glare features can also be implemented however it’s worth noting that the location of your outdoor kiosk can have a big impact on its potential usage so you may want to check out these handy kiosk deployment tips.

Indoor kiosks

Indoor kiosks also have many varied applications from self-checkin machines to product dispensing units. In recent years the NHS has utilized indoor prescription payment kiosks with great success- giving patients the opportunity to pay for much needed medication out-of-hours, saving the Health Service thousands each year and helping the NHS to capture large amounts of missed revenue.

If your business is short on space, indoor solutions can offer a viable alternative to larger outdoor units. Desktop kiosks for example are perfect for environments with limited floor and wall space, they are also suitable as portable options for locations that need flexibility.

When contemplating both outdoor and indoor kiosk it’s also important to consider traffic-flow patterns. If the majority of the traffic is outside, then placing your kiosk inside means that it’s out-of-sight for many users. If you own a business in the retail sector for example it’s important to assess whether or not customers require access to the unit when the building is closed.

In conclusion, both indoor and outdoor kiosks offer many benefits and applications; if you require a durable unit perfect for handling large volumes of foot traffic then an outdoor kiosk is advisable. However, if you’re looking for something more flexible then an indoor kiosk could be a more viable solution.




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