How retail kiosks can help drive sales

As a nation we love to shop. The retail industry thrives all year long with constant fashion trends updating, the latest beauty hack or the need for an freshen up on furniture. We even dedicate whole days just to shop, travelling miles to explore a new shopping centre full of different products. It is these shopping centres and cities that hold the biggest strain on customer service. Retail kiosks are starting to make their way into more stores, taking that strain off staff and allowing them to focus on advising customers and offering a higher quality of service.

Retail kiosks offer a huge range of features to suit the customer’s needs;

Order, Reserve and Pick Up  

The high demand on consumer goods makes reserving items and picking them up later a well loved feature on retail kiosks. Whether you reserve in store or online the process of ordering, reserving and collecting can all be done through the kiosks. This process can reduce queuing time significantly, especially if a customer wants a home delivery, it means they are able to fill out their details quickly. Being able to reserve items through kiosks not only gives staff the availability to other customers who may need help but also heightens customer satisfaction knowing that they can get their product without it being sold out.
Product Check

If customers are looking for a specific item then kiosks can offer a product search and some have the ability to tell you if that item is in stock. This feature can be extremely beneficial in terms of driving suggested items or ‘add on’ items to boost sales and pair products together for customers to buy. The introduction of QR codes made product searches even easier rather than typing in the product it can simply be scanned, cutting queuing times and increasing sales.

Technology Advance
Just like the scanning of codes kiosks can now offer more than just purchasing features. Kiosks are now beginning to double up as advertisement for stores and brands, showing latest trends and offers in store. Some also offer an in-store way-finding option meaning you can locate specific departments in larger stores. And finally the most important feature to a retail company, feedback. Good feedback usually converts into recommendations which drives new customers to the store. Kiosks now allow you to rate your experience in store and leave comments on how your service was and with a retail kiosk installed your feedback should be five star.

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