How Kiosks can be transformed into a valuable lead-gen tool

For those who have ever worked in a sales environment; you will be all too aware that to incur the most sales you need the most leads. Leads are the first step towards courting a potential client and developing them into a customer – it’s that simple. Studies have shown that 65% of marketing and sales professionals say their biggest challenge is finding high quality leads – specifically contact details.

Sales has always been one of the toughest aspects of business but it can be much simpler in the modern age. If the biggest challenge is collecting potential customer contact details then the solution is clear – encourage the potential customer to willingly give you their contact details, but how?

Automated sales assistants may sound like digital PA’s that’ll scour the World Wide Web for information but, in fact, these sales assistants come in the form of Lead-Generation Kiosks. Free standing, non-threatening, branded kiosks that offer something to a passer-by in exchange for a few details can make the job of finding leads infinitely easier.

In brief, the kiosks need to provide something to the user whether it’s information, promotional items or even just a survey panel to offer something in exchange for the contact details sales agents find it so hard to gather – fair exchange generates success.

Lead-Generating Kiosks have inverted the process to some extent as sales people no longer blindly seek interest in the market; instead the kiosks collect information that generates warm leads from customers who are ready to act on information they have already digested – gone are the days of cold calling.


Another study has shown that 50% of people aged between 18 and 24 have acted on an advertisement they saw on digital signage – most likely a Lead-Generation Kiosk.

The kiosks aren’t just for the benefit of your business either; thanks to the wholly digital delivery system the kiosks run on, you’ll save a lot of money that would’ve been traditionally spent on printing costs and your business will have officially gone ‘Green’.

Never has the environment been so important to businesses around the world and cutting out print materials will reduce the carbon footprint of your business by an incredible amount. The digital revolution has already taken hold of the world; printed materials no longer have the same appeal!

There’s still more to consider. Not only do Lead-Generation Kiosks produce warm leads, cost less, and reduce the carbon footprint of your business – the analytical possibilities will give your business a totally different outlook on sales targets and result based data.

Thanks to the kiosk’s data collection processes, information on which of the pages generates the most clicks and interactions on your website is available on demand. This will allow you to adjust your marketing strategy to focus on the most popular aspect of your campaign.

Equally, you can analyse your entire customer base in seconds thanks to the data collection process. You’ll be able to assess the valuable demographic data from users to identify your key audience and adapt your business model to suit.

Sales is all about leads – why not start generating your own leads with kiosks?


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