How Interactive Technology is Changing Digital Signage & Advertising

The role of technology on advertising has been evolving for years, with changes being made at a faster frequency year on year. Simple, salesy adverts no longer grab consumers interests, so the type of content which is pushed has changed; however, the form which this content takes has also transformed noticeably.

One of the main ways this transition has taken place is through the introduction of digital signage. Digital signages use technology such as LCD, LED and Projection to display interactive ads, often in public spaces or at events and exhibitions.

There are three main ways in which the introduction and wider availability of digital signage are changing advertising.

Type of Content Produced

Advertisers can no longer product static content and hope for the best; adverts need to be creative, impelling and relevant to their demographic audience. Far from the traditional ‘interruption’ techniques that were previously used, advertisers now have to create meaningful and helpful ad copy in order to connect and entice clients to buy their products.

Improved Communication

Following on from the improvement in content produced is the level of communication that digital signage and technology has now allowed between businesses and their customers. Rather than just seeing an advert in a newspaper, magazine or billboard, customers now have the opportunity to have an interactive experience when dealing with a business.

Marketing and advertising is no longer a one way street and companies have to produce content that allows their clients to immerse themselves and give their own opinions on products and services. This is also very helpful in allowing companies to track their clients’ rate of interest and this means that they know which content is working and what is falling short.

Lower Costs

Contrary to popular belief, technological advances and digital signage have actually made it cheaper to advertise. While initial setup costs are high – these are made up for by the automation and easy management of most modern advertising. It also allows the company to target the correct audience as they are now able to track data on their sites and remove any unnecessary content that isn’t getting results.

Digital signage is rapidly changing advertising, and in order to survive in the cutthroat world of marketing, businesses need to adopt this new technology or risk falling behind.

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