How Access Control can keep your business safe

Security is a hot topic amongst most industries, with businesses now more vulnerable than ever to the threats of computer viruses and encryption that can disrupt day to day operations. Although we pay more and more attention to cyber security, physical security should never be overlooked either so we decided to take a look at the role access control can have in securing the workplace.

What is Access Control?

Put simply, Access Control is a system of protection and fail safes that keeps a business guarded from viruses, hackers and infiltration. It may sound dramatic but Access Control is a serious business – an unwanted hacking attack could leave your company on its knees but it can be prevented.

What are Biometrics

Biometrics refers to the use of a unique signature from the human body to gain access to files or a location. Apple have been a huge advocate of Biometric tech and their most recent iterations of the iPhone and iPad feature ‘Touch ID’; a fingerprint scanner that can be used in place of a passcode.

What is a Suitable Level of Access Control?

Depending on the nature of the business, the level of Access Control needed can vary from a keycard or ID Badge up to Biometrics and personalised PIN ID’s. The greater the level of security implemented, the more secure the business is likely to be but it’s not simply physical threats that must be addressed.

Can Access Control Prevent Digital Threats?

Access Control also refers to anti-virus software, firewalls and other protective software that shields the information stored on the business’s network from outside infiltration. Failure to keep the software updated will leave the business open to attack from recent viruses etc so it’s wise to enable regular updates.

Does My Business Need Access Control?

Every business should protect itself against physical and digital threats. Having processes in place to keep the company as secure as possible doesn’t cost as much as many may think; even visitor ID kiosks can be purchased at an affordable cost but they improve security immensely.

Will Access Control Become Mandatory?

It is unlikely that businesses will ever be forced into protecting themselves using Biometrics for example but there are legal requirements that sensitive information such as staff data and the like be protected and never disclosed.

It is best to have Access Control processes in place to avoid being compromised and you can get in touch with Cammax today to discuss security solutions that will keep your business safe.

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