Finding the Best Location for Digital Signage

Previously, signage referred to billboards and posters that were strategically placed to attract the most attention they could garner from the public and, while this remains a key avenue that some businesses like to exploit, digital signage is now being used in a very similar way but it can be tougher to know where to place them for a number of reasons.

For example, most digital signage boasts features that encourage interaction with its audience meaning you can’t put them anywhere they can’t be reached by a user – ruling out the previously beneficial practice of billboard advertising.

Secondly, you can’t place them anywhere that lacks footfall otherwise they become redundant – much the same as posters hidden away at the back of buildings; they can be costly mistakes overall as kiosks won’t be cost-effective if used incorrectly.

Essentially, digital signage needs to be in a prime location for traffic and accessible for interactivity, making foyers and shopping centres your ideal location. You can virtually guarantee heavy footfall in a shopping centre and reception areas are generally the access points for business meaning you’re most likely to encounter the most traffic here.

There are a few things to consider when aiming for either of these locations, however. The size of your digital signage is crucial to where it will be located. For example, if it is small, it would be best to wall mount the signage at an average head height – that way it will be in most people’s eyeline when they pass.

You must also consider the purpose of your digital signage before selecting its location. A key example would be signage that advertises sensitive products such as intimate hygiene products – you wouldn’t place this sign in the middle of a crowded area because people may be embarrassed to approach the kiosk due to its content.

Much of the consideration needed with your digital signage is common sense to be truthful. In brief, you can’t put a huge, noisy kiosk in a library just the same as you can’t put a garish, flashing sign in a cinema – it just doesn’t work and completely misses the point of its purpose overall.

Follow the three key points and you’ll have no problems choosing the right location for your signage: Footfall, Interactivity and Appropriateness.


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