Desktop Kiosks for the Space Conscious Business

Having a large kiosk is all well and good but if you’re a little low on space in your office or business headquarters, there may be more appropriate options for you to consider. Desktop kiosks can be a great alternative to large, freestanding kiosks as they can be placed on any counter top or table with minimum fuss, which can be a huge advantage if you’re short on space.

Desktop kiosks are just as functional as the freestanding models, they are simply more compact and easier to find a place for. Think of a refrigerator as an example: if you have a small kitchen area, you wouldn’t invest in a tall, bulky refrigerator because it’ll limit the space in your kitchen and look ridiculously out of place – you’d find an under counter model to maximise the space in the area.

The same applies to your kiosk options; a smaller unit takes up less space and can be more efficient.

Even if you have a lot of space in your office; a desktop kiosk might be the way to go as they become progressively more common. Familiarity is key with kiosks as your potential users will be deterred by something they don’t recognise or don’t understand – curiosity will only go so far.

The other positive to consider with desktop kiosks is speed and ease of use. Whilst a single large unit may be more obvious to the user; several desktop kiosks will significantly reduce waiting times – especially useful for busier offices or doctor surgeries.

Further, desktop kiosks can still boast all the components found in a traditional kiosk, even though it is smaller, allowing it to provide the same functionality in a more compact unit. It also affords the same convenience as any other kiosk and can facilitate seating, due to its placement on a counter or desk. This is important for applications that require extensive input of data where a customer would feel more comfortable if seated while using the unit. If you’re looking for customer feedback then these easy-to-use units will encourage more people to supply detailed information.

Finally, despite their size, desktop kiosks can still be manufactured to ensure they are vandal-resistant and regulatory-compliant. The units can be used in a variety of environments whilst hosting a multitude of applications to provide an efficient and secure transaction experience for the customer.

Compromising your space for the sake of a kiosks can be a bold move but the flexibility and advantages offered by desktop kiosks should not be overlooked. Get in touch today to discuss the individual needs of your business and we will be more than happy to find you a kiosk solution that’s right for you.

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