Cammax Implement Fast Track Check In

Cammax have successfully implemented Fast Track Check In kiosks at one of UK’s busiest 24/7 distribution centres. Procter & Gamble required an up to date system that significantly improved the efficiency of its gatehouse operations. Cammax worked closely with P&G to develop a multi-lingual goods-in queue flow management system and put it in place within a set time frame and budget. The two touch-screen kiosks’ software and hardware have been tailored to suit its purpose and location.

How It Works

1. Welcome screen
2. Choice of preferred language
3. Instructions on how to proceed
4. Health and safety information
5. Wayfinding and directions (ie. Where to drop load/ where to report to)
6. Data is collected and stored for later review

The on screen instructions are designed to be easy to follow and rapid, reducing congestion at the gatehouse. With seventeen languages to accommodate for, the system breaks down any language barriers and therefore improves communication between staff and drivers.

Key Benefits

  • Accelerated vehicle check in
  • Reduced queuing times
  • Improved security
  • Simplified communication
  • Enhanced driver/staff experience

The fast track check in system improves the overall distribution centre operations that contributes to saving time and money. This kiosk system can be implemented in other busy international environments and can be expanded across different industries. It is designed to be integrated with existing systems and custom made to fit other businesses’ requirements.

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