Benefits and uses of kiosks in Sexual Health

Of all the medical complaints we suffer from; few are more embarrassing to discuss than sexual health issues. Whether its sexually transmitted infections or something even more sensitive, it’s not the kind of thing many want to discuss in public with a doctor’s receptionist – it’s an intensely private matter many local authorities and organisations are now recognizing.

Kiosks, like our Medi+Vend unit, are now being used for a number of purposes throughout healthcare and sexual health kiosks are already being used in clinics up and down the country.

Many are used simply as information points for those who want advice but many people find it embarrassing to talk to a nurse or healthcare professional which is why a wide variety of other functions the kiosks can carry out have also been introduced including screens that can be fitted with privacy measures such as shielding to ensure only the user can read the information displayed.

The information on offer can also be pre-set to roam across various subjects and draw information from websites specifically aimed at those seeking advice on their sexual health including videos, images and audio – all discreetly delivered using headphones if required.

sex kiosk

The self -help approach is proving very popular in healthcare and many may feel more comfortable if they can access information at their own pace. It also reduces the pressure on staff members, from receptionists to medical professionals.

Thanks to advancements in hardware, the kiosks can also be fitted with vending functions for condoms and one of the machine’s primary functions is dispensing chlamydia testing kits. It’s unlikely that any drugs or medicine could be made available via the kiosk due to the need for medical approval before dispense but this may change in the future.

Additionally, the kiosks could be fitted with telephone lines that link directly to a support desk. A discreetly placed kiosk will offer the privacy a nervous user is seeking to discuss their concerns should they be confident enough in the service – it may not be for everyone but it’s a useful addition for many.

Medicine can’t advance without feedback from patients and this data can be captured via the kiosk assuming the user is comfortable passing on their details. Surveys should be completed anonymously to protect the user but this will be at the discretion of the organisation – some details may need to be attributed to medical records.

Essentially, kiosks can offer a great deal to sexual health organisations including reducing congestion at clinics, offering information discreetly to those who would prefer the self- service approach and even dispensing sexual health materials. They alleviate stress and pressure from the clinics themselves and can even be used as discreet check in systems at the most basic level.

Sexual health is a sensitive topic but it can be made a lot less embarrassing thanks to kiosks.


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