Applications and benefits of Touchscreens for the Police

As we all know, touchscreens are fast becoming the only viable option for many businesses as they attempt to reach out to customers and refine their internal procedures. Touchscreens and kiosks offer ease of use on a level that can’t be match by more archaic technology and the population is now so familiar with touchscreens that we have simply accepted them into our day to day life.

The applications of touchscreens are many and varied but how exactly could the Police make use of the technology? As it happens, the Police force already have several touchscreen technologies amongst their current equipment including PDAs that are used by traffic Police and, of course, their mobile phones even though they are substantially tougher than your run of the mill Android or Apple offering.

What you might not be aware of is that kiosks can also benefit the Police owing to their cutting-edge capabilities and multipurpose functionality. Even offering a fast track signing in/enquiry service goes a long way to helping the Police located at local stations. There’s often a large number of people requiring support and assistance in Police stations and the task of prioritising the matters could easily be handled by a digital kiosk.

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Working closely with the London Metropolitan Police Service, we have also found that deploying multi-lingual kiosk systems can significantly aid the Met with their work in assisting foreign language speakers.

Further, touchscreens and interactive kiosks could also be used as information points for the public thanks to their familiar design and consumer appeal. Important public safety information could be distributed using kiosks along with the potential for more high level functions such as crime/accident reporting or contacting an officer within the locality.

Surveys provide vital feedback to the Police service and kiosks could also offer this functionality to capture and relay the data without the need for an officer or desk sergeant to process and categorise the information.

The kiosks could even be used as digital signage for the Police to increase public awareness of their presence, upcoming events and as an advertising point for job vacancies – the location of these kiosks would need to be carefully selected but the potential is there regardless.

The emergency services provide a level of service beyond the realms of many industries and it’s about time their job was made a little easier with the technology on offer in the present age. To discuss what kiosks can do for the Police in more detail then please get in touch today.


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