Watch: Cammax Head of Sales Discusses Future of Payment Terminals at Parkex

The curtains may have closed on another brilliant edition of BPA Parkex, but we are delighted to say that this year’s expo has been a huge success for the Cammax team!

Over the course of two days at the CBS Arena Coventry, we met some fascinating people, engaged in countless insightful conversations and forged valuable connections whilst our exhibition stand was a hub of activity, attracting scores of visitors keen to explore our pioneering parking payment solutions.

Nick Lye-Owens Talks Payment Terminals with NMI

Such was the buzz surrounding Cammax’s innovative offerings that on the first day, our Head of Sales, Nick Lye-Owens, took a quick break from engaging with potential customers to take part in an insightful video interview with NMI.

A global leader in embedded payments processing over $200 billion annually, NMI was onsite at Parkex conducting interviews to capture expert perspectives on red-hot trends shaping the future of the parking sector.

In his interview, Nick shared his expertise on the future of payment terminals, addressing the evolving landscape of payment technologies. He acknowledged that while the rise of mobile apps might suggest a potential decline in the number of traditional payment machines, there remains a significant market for them. He emphasised that Cammax, as a growing business, is poised to capture a substantial share of this market while simultaneously advancing app-based solutions.

Nick also highlighted the versatility of payment terminals, which offer multiple payment methods compared to the singular mobile app payment option. He noted that these machines cater to users who might not be as familiar with mobile apps and prefer a straightforward, reliable interface. During the discussion he also explained how Cammax ensures that our payment machines are user-friendly, featuring large, colourful touchscreens that guide customers through the payment process effortlessly.

Finally, Nick discussed the potential for integrating various services into a single terminal. He illustrated this with an example of a train station where a terminal could handle both car parking payments and train ticket purchases, enhancing convenience for the customer. This flexibility demonstrates that payment terminals can go beyond single-use applications, providing a broad spectrum of services on one platform, thereby reducing the need for multiple apps and simplifying the user experience.

To watch the full interview, please click on the video above now.

Discover Cammax Parking Payment Solutions

If you missed the opportunity to meet Nick and the Cammax team at Parkex, there’s still a chance to learn more about our innovative payment terminals and broader parking payment solutions!

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