Smart Ticketing & Payments 2015

After a successful Transport Card Forum 2015, Cammax are excited to announce we have partnered with Smart Ticketing and Payments Conference 2015 which will be taking place in Bishopsgate, London on Tuesday 24th November.

Smart Ticketing and Payments Conference is the brainchild of Eurotransport magazine, and will bring together ticketing leaders from all over Europe to showcase and talk about the latest advancements in ticketing systems; ones which are designed around customer requirements, rather than the industry itself, in order to pave out the future of the ticketing industry.

Cost effective, accessible, regular and affordable passenger and public transport services are essential for economic growth. The key to making these accessible is by introducing smart ticketing, as it allows for more members of the public to purchase tickets and use transport without the need for petty cash, as well improving service efficiency by speeding up the time it takes passengers to board and pay for their travel. This is something we have covered in previous articles (such as here and here) and are passionate about at Cammax.

Smart ticketing systems are a cost effective method of providing ticket solutions to the general public. However, they have a high initial cost and therefore require significant levels of investment. This year’s conference will look at potential sources of funding for these systems as it is an important issue to be raised. Other themes that will be touched on are whether smart ticketing should be implemented in non-major European cities and the cost-effectiveness of this, and also if public transport should be made free of charge in line with the EU’s proposal to reduce carbon emissions and congestion. By raising these issues, Smart Ticketing and Payments hopes to raise healthy debate and discussion on the future of smart ticketing, as well as encourage speakers and attendees to share their best practises in delivering cost effective and ethical strategies for both passengers and businesses alike.

Here at Cammax, we have always prided ourselves on creating smart ticketing solutions which benefits both the customer and the business by speeding up efficiency, reducing costs and creating accessibility for use of public transports, so we are delighted to be able to take part in this year’s Smart Ticketing and Payments Conference as we are looking forward to putting in our pennies worth and getting involved in a healthy discussion on the future of smart ticketing solutions.

To come and speak to us about solutions we offer, find us at 155 Bishopsgate, London on 24th November. For discount when registering, use code SPONSOR20.

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