Cammax to Sponsor Transport Card Forum 2016

Following last year’s success, we are delighted to announce that we will be sponsoring the Transport Card Forum Conference and Exhibition which will be held at the Queens Hotel in Leeds between 27th-28th September 2016.

Transport Card Forum has been running since 1997 after being set up by Smartex on behalf of the UK Department for Transport (DfT). The TCF is a membership based association open to all those involved in transport applications of smart cards and smart customer media within the UK.

This year’s conference will centre on smart transport schemes and initiatives in the north of England.  TCF brings together transport operators, consultants, suppliers, cities, local Government bodies and other industry experts to learn about and debate the current status, challenges and future plans affecting the smart transport landscape in the region.

The Conference is planned to include discussions about the following main topics:

Transport for the North (TfN): what it is, why it’s there, where and when is it happening, and what is its relationship with Northern Regional smart transport schemes?

  • Influencers- what overall considerations might influence the development of integrated smart ticketing and payments in the north, and which organisations will the main influencers be?
  • Regional scheme operators: cities and regions developing or operating smart transport schemes; where have they got to, how will TfN affect them, and how are they catering for the non- and under-banked?
  • Transport operators in the north: what are their plans and how might TfN affect them?
  • Issues: what are the main challenges facing the overall smart ticketing and payment schemes and aspirations in the north, and how is over-border travel being addressed?
  • National initiatives: what other smart initiatives will affect the systems being implemented in the north, e.g. EMV contactless-enabled cards?
  • New technologies: What new technical initiatives and solutions will affect smart transport in the near future, e.g. new technical standards, PAR, centrally-managed systems and the smartphone revolution?

As stationary sponsors of this year’s event, Cammax will be in attendance and we will be available to answer any of your questions relating to our smart ticket kiosks, kiosk software and anything else you may want to know, including the benefits of moving towards payment kiosks and solutions.


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