NHS Leeds


Credit: Duncan Cumming @Flickr. https://www.flickr.com/photos/duncan/50025405238

Cammax was awarded the tender for NHS Leeds for the installation of 12 wall mounted touch screen queue management kiosks.

The offering Cammax provided for NHS Leeds was for an integrated SMRT-Q solution for the NHS Leeds Community Health Care. This solution manages queues, offers automated triage facilities and direct users to the appropriate health professional or an automatic vending point based on agreed clinical path. The system integrates with the health professional’s PCs to ensure a seamless flow. The system offers a number of queue management facilities combined with full reporting.

Cammax also provide NHS Leeds with a Medi+Vend Sexual Health kiosk which provides condoms to C-card registered patients for easy access to condoms and test kits without having to queue in busy clinics. The Medi+Vend vending kiosk has a touch screen incorporated, thus the machine can also be used as a secondary check in kiosk or alternatively as an information source for the clinic. As the volume of patients is much higher at the Citywise Clinic this allowed a secondary check in point at peak times.

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