Dial Doncaster

Cammax have worked with Dial Doncaster for a number of years providing a range of information kiosks which the Charity can use in order to provide information to the public. Dian Doncaster have procured a number of kiosks including an X6 with A4 Printer. This kiosk was specifically designed to allow members of the public the ability to view the Dian Doncaster website using the Cammax Secure Browser to lock down the application. If information was particularly useful then this information could be printed using the integrated A4 printer.

“The kiosks have enabled DIAL Doncaster, the disability advisory service to provide a positive pathway to accessing information and advice relating to disability issues in more outer lying areas of the Doncaster Borough. Users of the kiosks have been able to access information easily via a cost effective locally based solution, getting answers and receiving guidance on a wide range of topics and services relating to health and social care through a simple touch screen process. This facility has assisted disabled people and their carers to increase their knowledge of services available whilst actively promoting independence. Being easy to update and maintain has meant that the kiosks have not caused any major problems and have had very little impact on the IT department overall” Linda Lee, Chief Executive, DIAL Doncaster.

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