React Key fob triggers real time information audio for the blind and partially sighted on Cammax iPoint TVM

As a market leader in the design, development and supply of payment and ticketing solutions, Cammax have long demonstrated an impressive track record for the successful delivery of a number of large projects throughout the UK.

In recent years, one of our landmark projects centred on our work with Bristol City Council. In 2018 Cammax were commissioned to design, build, install, and maintain 80 bespoke Ticket Vending Machines (TVM’s) at metrobus stops throughout the Bristol region-and these TVMs became known as iPoints.

The iPoints are an integral part of the metrobus offering and allow passengers to purchase a range of tickets at the bus stop via a debit or credit card. Additionally, a Real Time Information Display, intercom and journey planning function are also combined into a single unit which, at 3.2m tall, serves as a bus stop marker and stop identifier.

Usability, and offering accessible information about journeys and ticketing, are at the heart of all Cammax projects and in the clip below, taken by Keith Willis at React Accessibility,  we see how a Cammax iPoint TVM can be audio triggered by a phone app.

Audio triggering systems, such as the one developed by REACT, enable blind or visually impaired passengers to access all the information and functionality of the iPoint digital display, wayfinding signage and ticketing, helping to support independent journeys.

Click on the LinkedIn clip below to watch the video and for more information about Cammax iPoints and our work with Bristol City Council please read the case study here.

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