How Businesses are Upselling with Digital Signage

If your business has invested in digital signage, or is considering investment in the future, you may be trying to decipher tangible ROI but this can be a difficult task if the signage is only used to promote awareness of your brand. In order to unlock the true potential of digital signage a little marketing know- how is required to fully understand how upselling can become part of your digital signage’s mandate.

Upsell used to be a much- maligned word in business. The term generally referred to the additional features and add-ons companies would talk you into when you agreed to a contract with them. It used to be very common practise for call centre workers to be assessed on their skills with upselling – hence why you’re often asked if you’d like to opt in to ‘this, that and the other’ when you call one of your household energy suppliers or perhaps the mobile phone provider you are contracted to.

Nowadays, the concept of upselling has changed somewhat and it’s now looked upon far more favourably. But how has this happened?

In brief, removing the responsibility of upselling from a customer service agent means your business doesn’t directly upsell to the consumer – at least that’s the impression they garner. Digital Signage can now be used to advertise your brand and spread awareness about your business but by using classic marketing techniques you can upsell to a customer by engaging them visually.

How many digital signs do you walk past in a day that ask questions of the audience? Picture a digital sign for a fast food company: It’ll have the brand logo and colour scheme splashed all over it but the low amount of displayed content will ask the reader ‘why not try this?’ and leads them into the thought process of ‘why wouldn’t I try that’ and you’ve engaged a potential customer right away.

You’ll no doubt be saying that a poster could effectively carry out this task but there’s a big problem with posters and billboards in the modern market – they are static and the average consumer no longer deals in static images. The advent of mobile screen technology and the television generation tend to disregard posters as a general rule – there has to be animation and movement to catch the eye now.

It is safe to say that you won’t captivate everyone with a bit of animation and some direct address but it’s a great starting point that’ll launch you into a whole new world of upselling. Tactical placement is also key – the fast food company mentioned previously will no doubt have digital signage visible from their queuing area working as a constant reminder to the customer of the extras they can have with their order.

Speak to the customer through your digital signage – if your message is strong enough you don’t need to approach them; they’ll come to you.

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