Smart Retail Point

Stand-alone smart ticketing application for PC

Product - Smart Retail Point

The Cammax Smart Retail Point (SRP) is a standalone application which allows the sale and loading of any smart products via a smart card reader. The application can be installed as a desktop application on existing staff PC’s or as a standalone system on the Cammax Sales Buddy (illustrated below). This system is perfect for providing Third Party Agents the ability sell or manage ITSO Smart products. This includes locations such as Travel Centres, Schools, Councils and a range of other Third Party Agents. The Cammax SRP works by integrating into any Third Party ITSO Part 11 Solution

The Smart Retail Point software application provides the following features:

  • Requires a user to logon with permission based account
  • Ability to read a smartcard
  • Ability to load and/or delete tickets onto a smartcard
  • Ability to load and/or remove an entitlement onto a smartcard
  • Ability to move over to the next entitlement if required
  • Prints a receipt if required (providing there is a compatible printer)
  • Allow receipt reprinting based on the products on a smartcard
  • Option for credit card payment/till drawer system for cash
Product - Smart Retail Point

Key Features

  • Load/Top Up Smart Card
  • 15” EPOS Unit
  • Bespoke Smart Ticketing Application
  • Uses any Part 11 provider
  • Bespoke configuration (indoor/outdoor)
  • Integrates to third party systems
  • Optional Card Payment function
Kiosk Industrial Grade EPOS System with 15” Multi Touch Screen
PC Industrial Mini PC Board
Dimensions 251w x 235d x 450h (with stand 1400h)
Peripherals Smart Card Reader, Payment Options, Barcode Scanner, Printing
Branding Bespoke Customised Ticketing Interface
Application Suggestions Product Loading and Top Up, Retailing, Smart Card Post, Smart Ticket, Gift Card Issuing
Available Bespoke Software development, Site survey, Delivery, Commissioning, Installation, Remote monitoring, Onsite maintenance

Software Delivery

Here are some of the software packages that have been delivered with Smart Retail Point:

Smart Ticketing Kiosk

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