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Kings College Hospital launches an integrated approach to Sexual Health service delivery


Display Screen at Kings College

Display Screen

Kings College Hospital have revolutionised its approach to Sexual Health service delivery. The old approach was a paper based system which was slow to get the users through the system and often could leave the users ill informed or confused. The modern initiative team decided on a radical new approach to cut waiting times, improve the user’s experience and inform and educate its clients.

Working closely with Cammax Limited they have introduced a complete end to end solution which allows users to register or check in through touchscreen kiosks. Through a series of questions delivered through the touchscreen, the appropriate health care professional for the client to see is determined.

As part of the process, if the client’s requirements are for a simple clinical request i.e. for supply of condoms, the client will be given the option of self service through a linked vending machine. This process speeds up the client’s experience enabling them to go through the process quickly and frees up staff to deal with clients.

After the client has checked in through the kiosk, this will automatically enter their details into the queuing system and allocate them a queue number. The queues with numbers are then displayed on linked LCD display screens throughout the health centre.

As part of the end to end solution there are also a number of touchscreen information kiosks situated throughout the centre that provide support information with links to appropriate websites. Again this improves the customer experience and provides valuable support information to the client.

This total solution has been supplied by Cammax Limited and is an example of how Cammax Limited work with a client to deliver a complete technology solution that addresses the client’s needs in an efficient and cost effective manner.

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