Cammax have worked closely with a wide range of different customers,  partners and Passenger Transport Executives in order to develop our range of smart ticketing kiosks to become one of the most cost effective, efficient kiosk available on the market today. This experience and knowledge enables us to create bespoke ticket kiosks specific to the needs of the local public and environment.

Why invest in ticketing kiosks?

Ticket kiosks provide an invaluable service for people who previously use staff to issue or take payment for a range of different tickets. Kiosks can perform a number of different functions alongside issuing tickets such as opening access gates or linking ticket details to other third party applications.

Ticketing kiosks allow companies to redistribute staff resources to do more important tasks while the kiosks can efficiently and effectively take payment, issue the ticket and record all relevant data much more economically. A kiosk will generally cost less half the annual salary of a full time employee so will create significant cost savings in the second and third years whilst also potentially aiding in increasing the number of tickets sold.


  • Significantly reduced staff costs
  • Reduced queuing times and increase in customer satisfaction
  • Faster turnaround of transactions
  • Continual data collection with no intervention required
  • Round the clock, 24h access to tickets

Available Features

Cammax has designed and installed hundreds of ticket kiosks with a range of the following features

  • SMART Card Ticket Top Up
  • SMART Card and Disposable Ticket Vending
  • Secondary information screens e.g RTI Screens
  • Payment (Cash and Card)
  • Receipt Issuing
  • Links to access control points such as entrance gates

SMART Ticketing – The future of ticketing kiosks

Cammax have partnered with Ecebs, the UK’s leading provider of ITSO based smart ticketing software to offer ITSO based ticket fulfilment via our kiosks to the transport sector.  Our partnership with Ecebs brings our market leading SMART ticket kiosks together with Ecebs Paragon ticketing software in an integrated transport solution, enabling Cammax to win contracts for local Passenger Transport Executives to install hundreds of SMART ticketing kiosks throughout Yorkshire and Nottingham.

These kiosks are being installed throughout the country making it easier for public transport passengers to buy and use tickets. The introduction of this new technology is being pushed in the hope that by making travel easier and more convenient for customers and we hope it will encourage even more people to give public transport a go. Working in partnership with ECEBS, Cammax kiosks can assist the public in accessing SMART cards and using the kiosks to top up the required product.

For more information on Ecebs smart ticketing software, please visit

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Additional Benefits

  • Reduced staff costs
  • Managed queues in peak times
  • Increase promotion awareness
  • Around the clock service

Case Study

Smart Ticketing Kiosks Installed At Elland Road

In July 2013 Cammax was awarded the contract to supply kiosks to the West Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (Metro) with smart ticketing kiosks...

View Smart Ticketing Kiosks Installed At Elland Road Case Study

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