Cammax have developed a prescription payment kiosk specific to the NHS, to allow patients to pay for prescriptions during out of hours. This service allows the A&E department to capture thousands of pounds in lost revenue by taking payment for prescriptions when they previously would have been issued free of charge. The kiosks have also been adapted to incorporate payment for a wider range of hospital services such as maternity scans, crutches and walking aids etc

Collecting Missed Revenue

Currently, during out of hours, patients across the country will receive their prescriptions from A&E at no cost as not all hospital have a payment facility in place.  By installing a payment kiosk this then allows the payment to be taken 24 hours a day and also eliminate the need for staff to take payment. This means that the kiosks not only provide and instant revenue for the department but also free up valuable staff time and offers a more safer environment for cash collection for the staff.

Enhancing the patient experience

The prescription payment kiosk allow patients to access and pay for their prescriptions via cash or card, providing added convenience as previously card payment has been a difficult service for the NHS to provide. With a more streamlined service implemented, waiting times are reduced and patients can have a more positive healthcare experience. Cammax’s simple to use software widens accessibility to all types of users, convincing patients to engage with an automated system without frustration.

Support For Pharmacists

Automating the payment process means pharmacists can focus on dispensing medication to patients, relieving the pressure of long queues. This greatly improves the level of service provided and as a result increased customer satisfaction and inevitably staff morale. The Cammax kiosk can be utilised across a number of healthcare departments that need to take payments for other services, such as ultrasounds and walking aids.

The Cammax prescription payment kiosks are currently deployed in A&E hospitals throughout the UK. Even low volume kiosk doing 25 transactions per day will generate a hospital almost £75,000 in lost revenue.


  • Instantly generate revenue for hospital
  • Any capital expenditure is quickly covered
  • Offer payment collection 24 hours a day
  • Reduced queuing times
  • Integrated cash and card payment facility
  • Improved healthcare experience
  • Increased security and privacy


Kiosk used in the NHS for taking paymentZoom
A&E KioskZoom
Paying for a prescription using a kioskZoom

Case Study

Barnet & Chase Farm Capture Thousands In Lost Revenue

“The kiosks where installed as a way to capture lost revenue which Barnet and Chase Farm A&E were missing as a result of having no facility to take payment for prescriptions costs outside the opening hours of the hospital pharmacy.

The revenue generated by the kiosk quickly paid back the initial capital costs of the kiosks and now provides an ongoing revenue for the department. So far the kiosks have taken approximately £50,000 in missed revenue.

The patients find the kiosks simple and easy to use and have been an invaluable investment for the hospital.”

Rachel Kabambe, Service Manager at Barnet and Chase Farm

View Barnet & Chase Farm Capture Thousands In Lost Revenue Case Study

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