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Kiosk Training

Cammax provide a comprehensive range of training facilities which can be tailored around each customer’s specific requirements. Cammax provide a fully equipped training room which can accommodate up to ten people or alternative training can be provide at the customer site.

Cammax recognise that within an organisation there are staff members who all require training in different aspects of the system and as such require training to be provided in modules. Cammax work with each customer to ensure all staff roles and responsibilities are covered in the training sessions to make sure all system users are confident and comfortable with the system, prior to go live. From our experience, we have found that the best training includes the following areas:

Kiosk – the physical aspects of using the kiosk such as cash replenishment, note and coin jams , receipt roll changing, rebooting of the kiosk, checking internet connection, reprinting receipts via kiosk’s hidden engineering screen.  This is particularly useful for cashiers, staff responsible for receipt replenishment and managers.

Using the Kiosk – the process of using the kiosk to make a transaction, details of all the fund types which the Council has requested be available on the system.  How each fund type works e.g Account number, barcode scan or payment on account, how to make a transaction, deal with refunds, deal with customer questions and errors on kiosk.  This has proved useful for customer service staff and managers.

Back Office – The back-office reporting system and what data is available, how to reconcile end of day files and transactions, usage trends and statistics. This is really useful for cashiers, managers and system owners.

Train the Trainer: This involves all aspects of the kiosk project which is useful for managers. Within the training provided Cammax include a train the trainer module for allocated staff whereby we will train certain staff to be super users who in turn will be in a position to provide training to others.  This helps to up skill staff and in turn provides the means for training to be passed on to others within the organisation. Cammax recommend a train the trainer approach to training as we have found that sites benefit from one or two people within the organisation having a full comprehensive, and most importantly, confident relationship with the new system. The train the trainer approach works on the basis that people who train others retain 90% of what they teach therefore becoming better equipped and aware of a system.

Kiosk Manuals & Training Documents

The kiosks are very simple to use and user guides and manuals are provided for staff as part of the training that Cammax deliver.  Any items that require staff interaction such as replacing receipt rolls are very straight forward, enabling staff to carry out these tasks in a matter of seconds, helping to minimise kiosk downtime. All these interactions are detailed in a user guide which can be provided as an online document or laminated and kept inside the kiosk.

All manuals and training materials are available in digital formats and are maintained by Cammax and updated where necessary throughout the course of any contract.

To request a copy of the training manual for your kiosk then please email

Alternatively, if you would like to talk to someone about booking a new training session or a refresher course for your staff then please contact us on 01977 669946

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