Virtual Reception Kiosk

Provide reception services with minimal staff

The Virtual Reception Kiosk has been developed by Cammax as a response to the increasing requirements for “Self Service” products emerging in today’s society. With the requirement to continually improve the efficiency of labour resources within establishments Virtual Reception Kiosks are the perfect solution to allow reception staff to be more efficient or more effectively placed within a company.

Virtual Reception kiosks are the ideal solution to be placed in locations where reception staff are overstretched, queues regularly occur or for locations where a full time member of staff cannot be justified due to low footfall.

Easy To Use

Our software has been developed to create an instinctive user experience which allows members of the public to access a range of useful information, if additional information is required the software is designed to easily allow the member of public to communicate with a member of staff or receptionist which may be located in another part of the building via Webcam, Webchat or phone.


  • Anti-Vandal telephone handset linked to a dedicated support line within the venue
  • Hearing loop – allows deaf members of the public to be able to communicate with the staff
  • Instinctive, user friendly software interface with high quality webcam/video streaming
  • Available on most kiosk hardware including Wall, Desk or free-standing
  • Optional integration to print visitor badges
  • Webcam – take photo of visitor for visitors badge or communication face to face with staff

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