In 2013 Cammax was awarded a major Framework Contract headed by SYPTE for the Update, Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Kiosks across 10 Passenger Transport Executives. Cammax won this contract due to the ability to design and develop high quality Ticketing TVMs, and demonstrate the ability to work with ITSO Smart products to provide an overall flexible cost effective Smart solution. SYPTE purchased 17 Outdoor Card Only TVMs and 5 Full Cash TVMs plus ongoing software developments and additional services.

The SYPTE Kiosks are a robust outdoor Smart Ticketing kiosk with both Cash and Card functionality. These Smart kiosks can dispense and load Smart Tickets for use in the South Yorkshire Region.

In addition to the Smart Kiosks, Cammax have also deployed 15 Smart Retail Points for SYPTE to manage their SMART Ticketing scheme. Such was the success of the Smart Retail Points (SRPs) in particular, Cammax have rolled the Point of Sale (POS) management application – which allows the management and retailing of Smart Tickets – out to clients including TravelMaster, TransDev, Department for Work and Pensions, and Charge Your Car.

John Sawyer, Project Manager at SYPTE said of the partnership, “Cammax have demonstrated their ability to deliver efficient, easy to use software and TVMs that enable customers to make thousands of ITSO smart ticket purchases each month. They have been an excellent partner in providing systems and adding further functionality and ticket types, whilst maintaining easy configuration and a good user and customer experience.”

Nottingham City Council

notts council

Nottingham City Council’s initial project with Cammax was for 82 ITSO Smart Outdoor Card Dispensing Kiosks and 6 Indoor TVMs. The TVMs are located in prime city centre locations close to bus stops. The close working relationship and Nottingham’s confidence in Cammax enabled the Council to nearly double the size of the initial rollout by ordering an additional 66 TVMs which are to be deployed in 2016. NCC now has the first Oyster Style ticketing outside London with one of the highest City Centre penetrations of Smart TVMs in the UK.

The Nottingham Kiosks are a robust outdoor Smart Ticketing kiosk using a 3G connection. These Smart kiosks dispense and load Smart Tickets for use in the Nottingham area.

York City Council

York council
CYC’s first project with Cammax was a deployment of 11 ITSO Smart Outdoor Card Dispensing Kiosks for all six Park and Ride sites throughout York. This included key Park & Ride sites such as Grimston Bar, Monks Cross and McArthur Glen Designer Outlet Park and Ride. Cammax worked with the Council to design a bespoke application with a unique interface which was specific to the Council and made the user experience for Park and Ride Passengers as simple and efficient to use as possible. In addition to the kiosks, CYC also procured the Smart Retail Point (SRP), the SRP is a desktop POS management application which allows the PTE or Third Party agent to sell and/or manage cards via an existing PC or standalone Epos unit.

Liverpool John Lennon Airport

john lennon

Liverpool John Lennon is the latest airport to benefit from the deployment of Cammax‘s Airport Security Fast Track Kiosk. They follow a number of UK airports who have installed these kiosks in an attempt to encourage passengers to upgrade to fast track on the day of their departure.

The Airport Security Fast Track Payment Kiosk uses bespoke software in our Fast Track Payment Kiosks. With its slim line ergonomic design and small footprint, this kiosk is ideal for busy and congested areas such as airports. The kiosks can be fitted with chip and pin, contactless, cash and smart card readers to accept most methods of payment, and they are able to print both receipts and point of entry tickets.

The Airport Security Fast Track Kiosks help to reduce customer queue times by providing an option to purchase fast track tickets on the day of travel; this provides an additional revenue stream for airports, which can be reinvested into the facilities and services provided.

Birmingham Airport

birm airport
Birmingham International Airport has introduced an express lane for its passengers to improve efficiency and save time, using Cammax Xen X6 kiosks. The international airport, which sees nine million travellers pass through every year, has chosen the X6 kiosks to take advantage of a premium express lane and priority processing. Kiosks features include a 19″ Anti-Vandal touch screen, unattended chip and pin module, coin and note acceptor, change dispenser and receipt printer with a branded laminate.

These easy to use self-service kiosks give passengers the choice whether to be processed as per normal or to buy a priority pass from the kiosk which lets you skip the queues. “We are really excited to be involved in Birmingham Airport’s express lane introduction. It is great to see our touch screen kiosks working so well within the project by improving the airport’s operations and enhancing its passengers’ experience.” Tom Quarry, Protouch

West Yorkshire Combined Authority

“Cammax kiosk software is both intuitive and from a customer perspective is quick, responsive and the “flow” is very easy to follow. The team at Cammax not only provide you with a kiosk software solution that is easy to use but they also keep it really simple whilst retaining the full customer requirement. By working together with their customer and sharing ideas, knowledge and experiences, Cammax have brought kiosks “to life” for our bus stations” David Roger, Smart Project Manager

Manchester Airport Group (MAG)


Mag 2MAG 3mag 4

The Manchester Airport Group (MAG) Fast Track kiosk were installed at the end of 2014, to assist in giving passengers the option to utilize the fast lane through security.

The kiosks are card payment only so are easy to handle, using the touch screen Fast Track software that was specifically developed for this application. Tickets are dispensed at the kiosk with a unique barcode which can then presented at the security barriers allowing passengers swift access.

This project has been a real boost for both passengers and the airport. Passengers have been able to avoid long queues making the travelling experience more pleasurable and the airport has enjoyed increased revenues in providing this service to travelling passengers.

More recently Cammax have improved the Fast Track solution by adding a back end reporting tool which allows MAG to monitor the usage of the kiosks and feed this information directly into their existing business information system. The reporting also has a function which allows email alerts to be generated for any potential operational issues.



Airbus have installed over 450 freestanding touch screen kiosks into their UK, French, German and Spanish production plants. The kiosks were specifically designed for industrial environments and fitted with IP65 rated stainless steel keyboards for ease of operation by production staff. The kiosks are fitted to all of the aircraft production lines which display Airbus’s SAP production software, as the individual processes are carried out and completed, the information is automatically fed back to production control, so all production areas can be monitored to ensure assembly is running in line with expectations.

Cammax also have full support contracts in place with Airbus, so that Cammax support engineers can react to any issues that may occur, and also carry out regular maintenance checks to ensure the continuous up time of the kiosks.

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