The WayPoint Touch product provides hospitals, universities, and large organisations with a user friendly, touch-based interactive way finding kiosk for people visiting their sites. An intuitive user interface allows visitors find a route map to their destination, and take a print out with them. The WayPoint Touch web based management system allows clients manage their kiosks and modify names and directions for each location.

Custom Built Location Map

The layout and design of each building is unique. Therefore each way finding solution involves developing a digital map of the site with animated routes to each destination. Cammax provide design and build services for all projects and link this into the backend management software.

Way Finding Kiosk Touch Management Software

Content Management System: This web based application allows clients to manage non-design elements of their kiosk content.

• Modify names and text directions for each destination
• Search destinations using any field combination
• Push messages/news/announcements to the kiosks
• Manage the attract screen messages

Remote Kiosk Management: This web based tool allows clients to manage their kiosks, whether they have a network of 1 or 100, from a central computer anywhere.

• Upload changes to content
• Monitor kiosk heartbeat
• Access Event/Error reporting
• Create usage reports and export to excel
• Update software remotely

Wayfinding kiosk application screenshotZoom
Hospital wayfinding mapZoom

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