Cammax offer a comprehensive range of online, remote monitoring solutions for payment kiosks and vending machines. Our software can deliver statistics on usage levels, as well as helping to ensure uptime with kiosk diagnostics.

These include the following product module

  • Remote Ping
  • At a glance events management
  • Controlled Alerts e.g Paper low sensor/Kiosk offline
  • Remote Re-boot

This approach ensures:

Always available

Our remote communication architecture provides constant communication between the terminal and a server even from behind firewalls and without the need for a permanent connection with dynamic IP addresses. A terminal will establish a connection to the server at certain intervals and compare its data with the data stored on the server. While doing so, the terminal informs the server about its current status and receives new jobs from the server. Monitoring terminals is also possible when the terminals are connected by dial-up (ISDN, modem).

Gapless monitoring

The monitoring solution will automatically and inform you about any problems independent of your current location. Ensuring a quick response to these problems and guarantee the highest possible degree of availability for your machines.

Allowing automatic notification system, alerting you by e-mail or SMS in the event of an error.

Remote Monitoring AlertZoom
Paper low alert on our remote monitoring kiosk softwareZoom

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