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The Medi+Vend™ is an interactive touch screen telehealth kiosk which is very complimentary to Cammax’s Equip Smart Q clinic system. Medi+Vend™ kiosks are currently installed in a variety of different locations from FE colleges, Connexions, Housing Advice Centres and Sexual Health clinics throughout the UK.

Medi+Vend™ can be branded to fit in with any local campaign and can support health promotion strategies. The health and vending machine provides a unique way of communicating health information to young people. Also gathers a variety of usage information which can be fed back to managers to help improved needs analysis. The kiosk can link into a range of different C-Card systems or link directly to Student ID numbers, Clinic ID numbers, Biometric and Barcodes. By linking to registration systems Medi+Vend can control the limits people can access and ensure misuse does not occur.

The Medi+Vend™ service:

• Provides an anonymous information point where young people can learn about sexual health, STIs, Drugs and Alcohol and other related public health issues.
• Dispenses Condoms and Chlamydia testing kits testing kits to targeted, pre registered young people free at the point of delivery.
• Collects, collates and returns usage (postcode location, age, frequency, ethnicity, sexual orientation) data on a managed basis.
• Enables user surveys to be carried out online and in real-time to assist delivery objectives and target achievement.

Medi+Vend™ is a fully managed and supported service that includes :

• Delivery and installation
• Monthly management reporting
• Project management
• Maintenance and repair
• Product supply
• Training and support

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