Ensuring your Internet Kiosk is secure and locked down is of paramount importance. Cammax offer a secure kiosk browser that can be customised to your exact business requirements. All our solutions are based on industry standard protocols and enable us to offer our clients a guaranteed solution to restricted internet access, giving you and your business complete peace of mind.

Kiosk Browser

Protecting against vandalism and theft may be an obvious precaution to take when deploying a self service kiosk, however safeguarding it from hacking, unauthorised downloads, trojans and viruses is just as important. Public safety should also be a priority; sensitive information should be secured by automatically deleting user data, cookies and browser cache at the end of every session.

Locking down the software restricts operating system access, desktop and browser menus, whilst allowing the main applications to run exclusively, so that the kiosk is used for its intended purpose. Kiosk mode prevents users from accessing private files or system-critical folders, whilst simultaneously offering the user full screen browsing and navigation functions. Our kiosk browser also protects the user by restarting after inactivity and prepares for the next customer.

Secure Payments

Security is essential when deploying a reliable payment kiosk. For self service kiosks to be used and trusted in retail, care and hospitality environments they must offer users complete privacy and maximum security.

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution which is why Cammax work with every client to establish their payment and security needs.


Internet Kiosks can also be used for digital signage purposes. The software can be programmed to display product information, advertisements and stream promotional videos when the kiosk is not in use i.e in screensaver mode. This means your kiosk is always working for your business. Installing the right software makes it easy to remotely manage, create, schedule and publish engaging images or content to potential customers.

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DFS Internet Kiosk ScreenshotZoom
Internet Kiosk Secure Browser SettingsZoom
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Additional Benefits

  • On-screen keyboard for quick access to typing
  • Customisable on-screen menu bar
  • Back-office application to control colours and themes
  • Unauthorised access restricted, including file downloads and printing
  • Option to add VOIP calling
  • Complete access to control to page links
  • Usage Reporting Module available (including page tracking, number of internet kiosk sessions)
  • Deactivation of undesired function keys
  • Whitelist to block undesired Web sites
  • Disabled downloads from the Internet
  • Automatic software updates run in the background

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