The popularity and acceptance of touchscreen devices is making easily accessible information more and more of a necessity. With a Cammax Kiosk you can ensure that your consumers always have the information that they desire, at their fingertips. Used for displaying information, as well as performing other tasks such as way finding or payments, a kiosk can be placed in a public area or on your businesses premises; in order to effectively help users and visitors to gain access to vital information.

Public Information Points

Information Kiosks, in high-footfall areas, provide the perfect solution to present the end user with a wealth of information at the touch of a screen. Everywhere from museums and exhibitions – where the user may want to find out details about the artefacts on display; to airports and shopping centres – where users may need assistance with pinpointing their current location and directing them to areas of interest; providing valuable support and assistance to consumers.

Form Entry/Surveys

An Information Kiosk is an ideal channel for lead capture and respondent driven surveys; enabling businesses to gain insights into their core target market anywhere along the respondents journey, including the point of purchase. With a kiosk you can uniquely feedback to the respondent via the interactive info touchscreen. Leveraging self-service, Information Kiosks augment the feedback and response process; saving time for both the company and the consumer, empowering the user and boosting overall customer satisfaction.


With E-learning on the rise, a kiosk can prove particularly beneficial in education environments. Acting as an additional teaching resource in the modern day classroom, allows students to access information easily and further develop skills through independent learning.

Brand Promotion

The kiosk hardware accounts for only part of the entire solution, and, therefore, equal consideration needs to be applied to the software application that will run on a Kiosk. Cammax provide a complete bespoke solution to meet your specific business needs. With fully customised software we can design your landing page in a way that grabs your customers attention as soon as they engage with your kiosk.

With our unique expertise and experience within the kiosk industry, we can help you to deploy a successful Information Kiosk.

Information Kiosks being used in shopping centreZoom

Additional Benefits

  • Around the clock access to information
  • Multi-lingual capabilities
  • Promotional opportunities
  • Reduced queuing time
  • Increase in ROI
  • Greater convenience
  • Reduced staff resource
  • Increased customer satisfaction

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