Cammax I-Survey & Feedback software is designed specifically for use on touchscreen kiosks to allow customers/patients to provide user feedback.

Feedback software is an excellent extra to add onto any kiosk application to provide invaluable feedback on the success of your kiosk project or other project.

By providing the option for customer feedback companies can provide tangible data as evidence of the projects success and gather real time data on area for improvement.

The application has been designed to work on a number of hardware solutions including tablet PCs, hand held terminals and kiosks.

I-Survey Features

  • Easy to set up
  • Option to save multiple surveys
  • Flexible, with custom templates
  • Easy to administer with any number of users
  • Data collected and easily accessible to use
  • Branded to customer requirements

Full Content Management and Reporting

I – Survey content management module allows you to:

  • Create/amend your own questionnaires
  • Save multiple questionnaires and templates for use in the future
  • Run multiple questionnaires simultaneously
  • Access comprehensive easy to use reporting
  • Use cost effective proven solutions

Whether it be a PDA, kiosk or Tablet PC we can supply I-Survey on any hardware platform.

Survey KioskZoom
Survey Kiosk software screenshotZoom

Additional Benefits

  • Easy to use, intuitive software solutions
  • Choice of hardware platforms (PDA, kiosk or Tablet PC)
  • Multi language, choice of templates
  • Templates for all age groups
  • Complete Reporting Suite
  • Cost effective proven solution

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