Cammax have worked closely with various elements of the NHS offering integrated touchscreen solutions for many applications. Healthcare providers are turning to self-service solutions to streamline a number of processes and improve the quality of service.

Increasing services

With kiosk applications in place, hospital staff will have more time to focus on providing quality service to patients. They speed up certain tasks, reduce queues and minimise waiting times, which is a key aspect that improves the overall service. Using automated systems also means that patient data is protected and reporting is far more accurate.

Improving information delivery

Healthcare kiosks can provide patients and visitors with around the clock information. Way finding kiosks show patients exactly how to find the location of their appointment. This leads to increased efficiency, allowing appointments to stay on time and not over run due to late attendances, and also frees up hospital staff from giving directions to patients.

Reforming the patient experience

With staff freed up to focus on the patients, the level of service is greatly improved, leading to a positive patient experience. Self-service platforms speed up time consuming processes in healthcare environments, whether a hospital, surgery, or pharmacy. They give patients and visitors the opportunity to check in or access information without having to queue. The privacy of patients is protected by the security these healthcare kiosks provide.

Services provided include:

  • Self check in units
  • Interactive Information and support kiosks
  • Touchscreen Internet access for staff and visitors
  • Self service vending units
  • Patient Call Systems
  • Health Check kiosks
  • Queue Management Systems
  • Prescription Payment Kiosks

Cammax have recently installed payment kiosks into the A&E department at Barnet and Chase Farm. Designed with a simple user interface to allow patients to pay for prescription items before going to the pharmacy. The simple design ensures that all patients are able to navigate the software with minimum assistance from staff.

Prescription payment kiosk at NHS HospitalZoom
Healthcare software exampleZoom
Stoke Payment KioskZoom
Chase Farm Prescription Payment KioskZoom

Additional Benefits

  • Minimised waiting times
  • Streamlined service
  • Around the clock information
  • Reduced staff and admin costs
  • Accurate reporting

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