Cammax work closely with various Government departments on both local and national levels, offering integrated touchscreen kiosk solutions for a variety of applications. Government services can benefit from improved reporting and increased efficiency.

Council Kiosks

Implementing self-service kiosks can streamline a variety of local council services such as; job finding, housing benefit, and appointment booking. Automated payment kiosks also enable members of the public to pay their bills at their convenience.


Kiosks in public facilities, such as Libraries, can accelerate the process of borrowing and returning books or fine payment. They can also provide visitors with Internet access.


Language translation kiosks provide multilingual services and cater for a more diverse audience by breaking down barriers. The translation kiosk can facilitate communication between services, like the Police, and foreign-speaking individuals.

There are currently 94 language kiosks currently available at 49 stations, covering the top 20 MPS-requested languages covering every borough’s top 10. The roll-out will extend to all 32 boroughs, plus Heathrow.

The first phase of the Language Translation Kiosk rollout for the Met Police started in January 2012. The contract was awarded to Cammax to provide a hardware and software solution for use throughout the Met Police during the Olympics as away of communicating with non English speaking tourists. The kiosks were initially used for the Olympics and are now used throughout the 32 boroughs to facilitate communication between police and deaf / non-English speakers.

Self-Check In

The visitor check-in kiosk will maximise building security, reduce staff costs, and streamline the check-in process by allowing visitors to register their arrival to buildings, with ease.

Internet/Information Kiosk

Provides users with instant, around the clock information with kiosk points that allow internet access in public locations, even in remote areas. With information kiosks in place, authorities can gain useful feedback through automated surveys.


Touch screen kiosks can simply display information or make the learning experience fun by providing children with a fully interactive learning environment.

Other Government kiosks Include:

• Information and support kiosks
• Touchscreen internet access for staff and visitors
• Children Information Services
• Housing benefit services

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Metropolitan Police multilingual kiosk softwareZoom
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Additional Benefits

  • Augmented service to the community
  • Reduced waiting times
  • Improved communication between staff and non-English speakers
  • Efficient out of hours information delivery and internet access
  • Enhanced visitor experience
  • Accurate data to report usage and feedback
  • Cost effective solutions to government services

Case Study

The Met Police; Breaking Down Communication Barriers

With the exponential growth in technology over the past ten years people have come to expect more from a kiosk system. So much so, we’re now seeing ...

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