All mobile networks have large numbers of customers who opt to pre-pay for their airtime. Cammax have developed an electronic top up machine which vends airtime for pre pay mobile phones. There are many advantages to the self-serve e-top up and service providers can hugely benefit from installing these kiosks.

Cutting Down Queues

Self-serve e-top up machines can reduce queues at peak times, when staff availability may be limited. The terminals allow pre-pay customers to top up their phones without having to wait, giving them a greater in-store experience.

Relieving Staff

The E-Top Up Kiosk eliminates the need for staff to man an electronic terminal, giving them the opportunity to attend to other customer needs. With a simple, user-friendly interface, the kiosk is accessible to all users.

Increasing Productivity

A top up kiosk improves in-store efficiency by speeding up the task and managing customer flow. There is no time delay in receiving payment, as the machine is integrated with cash and card payment.

The machine can be customised to client requirements, and can be bought outright or rented with a comprehensive service and maintenance back up.
Cammax can provide customised vending solutions to vend virtually any electronic product for further information pleaseĀ contact us.

E-Top Up Kiosk in Orange mobile phone storeZoom

Additional Benefits

  • Eliminate shrinkage
  • Reduced queues
  • Boost in sales
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Customer loyalty

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