As experts in understanding client needs over multiple deployment settings and environments, Cammax offer a rugged range of outdoor kiosks designed to withstand the worst that the British weather can throw at them.

  • Cirrus Outdoor Kiosk This ultra slim wall mounted kiosk is one of the most popular in the range. With hundreds of configurations it suits most requirements and locations.
  • Expo Kiosk The Expo outdoor kiosk is built to withstand all weather conditions. With its 6mm toughened glass the Expo is suitable for unsupervised locations.
  • Nereus Kiosk Dual screen with 6mm safety glass. Second screen gives ability to provide additional information without disrupting main touch screen application.
  • The Cammax Outdoor Smart Ticketing kiosk is a freestanding kiosk which can be customised to provide a range of ticketing solutions.
  • The Outdoor Totem kiosk is a freestanding kiosk which has been specially designed for use in unattended public locations.
  • The Cammax Pick-Up Post is a robust outdoor post with optional base which can be floor mounted or wall mounted in bus stops or other public locations.

From driving rain to dazzling sunshine, these all- weather kiosk solutions combine style and durability to serve as ideal ticketing systems, queue busting machines or touch screen information points.

With dual mounted frame models that provide an ultra-sturdy base, and toughened glass to deter vandalism, Cammax outdoor kiosks are expertly manufactured with security and protection in mind.

Our range of outdoor kiosks are fully customisable and can be fitted with many bolt-ons including thermal printers, card readers, keyboards and webcams.


SMART Ticketing - Cammax have pioneered the Outdoor Smart Ticketing kiosk which can be customised to provide a range of ticketing solutions. Specially designed for use in unattended public locations, features include options for ITSO/SMART card loading, product purchase and card vending. These outdoor kiosks can also be fitted with a secondary screen for RTI and can include a full cash and change option.

Payment- Cammax outdoor kiosks are perfectly suited to serving as payment machines and can be adapted to receive cash/card payments, issue change and print receipts. Ideal for sectors like parking that have varied physical and infrastructure requirements, our units are manufactured from a thick grade of stainless steel and boast heavy duty door seals that are utilised to keep moisture out.

Information- Outdoor kiosks can be placed in public spaces- or on your businesses premises- and offer an effective way for visitors to gain access to vital information. From displaying brand messages to providing Real Time transport information, sectors including healthcare, transport and retail have all benefitted from deploying outdoor kiosk machines in recent years.


  • Robustly built
  • Third party system integration
  • Integrated PC
  • Capacitive touchscreen
  • Range of software applications
  • Range of peripherals
  • DDA Compliance


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